Botolph Alley Executive Apartments, Monument

Property Overview


In the heart of the city of London, minutes walk from Bank, you will find Botolph Alley Executive Apartments, . These unpretentious, comfortable one bedroom apartments are perfect for long term guests relocating to London who wish to relax and work all in one neighbourhood.

Fondly know as the Square Mile, the financial district and historic centre of London, welcomes over 400,000 commuters every day. Once the original city of London, a walled Roman city,  this small area now is only a gateway to all that this city has to offer. From the old wall, only ruins remain to be seen in certain locations as well as the streets named after the gates that gave entrance into the city, such as Bishopsgate, up the road from the apartment.

Enjoy the shops and restaurants of Shoreditch and walk along the Thames, just a short walk from the apartment. The apartments are equipped with all modern conveniences to make your stay truly comfortable and enjoyable. We offer unlimited business broadband to keep you connected and a 24/7 line for emergencies.